July 2020

I don’t know about you but whilst these past months have been overwhelming, they have also shown me the many opportunities around us, which is exactly what inspired all the products in our July’s Polkadots Box. Each item was curated to help every mom boss feel energized, optimistic, balanced, and inspired, at home and on the go – from Shonda Rhimes’ book, the inspirational bangle, chakra roll and face mask to the cable protectors, protein balls, social media report template and versatile everything pouch. 

Peace, Love, and Polkadots

Discover the products inside this box – total retail value $100.97!

“Year of Yes” – Shonda Rhimes ($16.99)

Whether saying “yes” to a new business venture, or adventure with your child, this book will empower you on your journey to becoming your true self. Iconic television producer and mom, Shonda Rhimes, will inspire you to successfully step outside of your comfort zone by using just one word.

Cactus Everything Pouch – Itzy Ritzy ($5.99)

It’s no surprise that Kelly and Brian Douglas founded their company providing products for parents and kids while raising their own three. This cute pouch holds small must-have items for the mom boss and it conveniently clips to any bag.

Inspirational Bangle – Tesoro Jewelry ($22)

This bangle with an inspirational message will motivate you to continue doing what it takes to reach your goals and dreams just like husband and wife (parent) team and owners of Tesoro Jewelry.

Chakra Roller – Earth’s Farmacy ($20)

Created by eco-minded sisters and moms Tara Raj and Arianne Ortiz, this item will help you bring your energy back to balance. The Reiki and crystal infused chakra roller will have a positive impact on your energy centers and emotional well-being.

Face Mask – Witt’s And Design ($10)

We’ve got you covered! Boy mom and baby & children’s shop owner, Amy Turnage, created thus cute, trendy and reversible (non -medical) mask made of high quality 100% cotton to keep you comfortable this summer.

Cable Protector – Dan Adora ($5)

Sold by dynamic mother-daughter duo Sima and Shirel Dan, this colorful protectors are perfect for your phone’s charger cables. Prolong the life of your phone cable by protecting it from frequent twisting and bending.

Protein Balls – simplyFUEL ($3.99)

Created by sports dietitian and mom of two, Mitzi Dulan, these protein balls pack the perfect punch to keep you filled and energized throughout he day so you can tackle all your tasks needed to become a rockstars mom boss.

Simple Monthly Social Media Report, Template & Video – Kaitlyn Pierce ($17)

Stop wasting time on useless social media tactics. Created by social media expert and mom of two (with another on the way), Kaitlyn Pierce, this tool will help you identify what’s working or not, and outline what comes next.

“My favorite part of Polkadots Box is the encouragement I felt when I received it, as a mom in business supporting other mom businesses! There is nothing like this out there so it’s awesome.”

Suzanne D. – mom of two, independent travel agent and Polkadots Box subscriber

“ONE OF THE BEST BOXES EVER! Created by a mom boss, for mom bosses! Great price too!”

Ashlee, mom of two and Polkadots Box subscriber

Did you miss the July box? Don’t worry, It’s not too late….⁣You can still start thriving on your mom boss journey with us!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a fellow mom boss, Polkadots Box delivers a fabulous combination of well-established and emerging mom-owned brands, that every mompreneur loves. 



Polkadots Box, Creator and Chief Dots Connector

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