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Meet the eco-minded sisters and moms Tara Raj and Arianne Ortiz, Earth’s Farmacy founders and creators of the chakra roller, which was included in July’s Polkadots Box. We sat down with them to talk about how their business started out of necessity, how their mom’s illness inspired them to make their skin-care products unique, and how to balance a couple of things at the time and being okay with that. 😊

When did you start creating skin-care products?

Tara: It was at the end of 2012, because my sister’s youngest son started developing severe skin and food allergies in his first year. He had his first outbreak – when he was in my watch (😱) – and to take everything under control he had to take strong medications – steroids and antibiotics. My sister said “I can’t do this life-long for him, he is too tiny, and we don’t know what the long term effects are going to be!” So she started playing around with butter and diaper rush balm. Then she came to me one day, we were sitting at my kitchen table and she said “Help me, we have to do something! I started playing around and I think we can make skin-care products!”. So we just got to work, we started diving into cream ingredients. We spent a few years learning how to read labels and understanding what does green ingredients mean, what does ethically sourced mean, and just learning from everything that is healthy, and nourishing our skin to what is the impact that a product can have on the Earth, the animals, the environment and the communities. It was a labor of love over time. In 2019 we said we want to take this out into the world!, we want to help other moms, individuals, have products that they can say “I feel good about this purchase because I’m nourishing my skin, it’s safe for my home environment, I’m helping the environment, I’m not hurting any community, and I’m not doing any harm to animals”. 

What is unique about Earth’s Farmacy products?

Tara: One of the things my sister has the beautiful gift to do is Reiki and Crystal healing. This is something that has always been part of our lives. Our mother was a Lupus survivor, she really didn’t like to take harsh medications for pain management. So we had a Reiki master growing up who would come to our home and do Reiki and Crystal healing on our mother. It helped tremendously. That is something that has always been around. Over the years my sister tapped into it and really mastered it. Since this is a healing product to nourish skin, adding the reiki and crystal element is something else that we did to make our products more from the earth, holistic and nurturing. This is what makes our products unique. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your mom boss journey?

Tara: Entrepreneurship is not something we had ever explored until we stumbled upon this need that turned into something greater. We have been learning so much along the way. If we have to pick one challenge is brand awareness that is outside of local.  Before Covid, we were doing really well locally, because when we tapped into our local community, doing events, meeting people in person, etc, we were able to build our reputation and trust. Now with Covid when you have to do pretty much everything online, we need to find new ways to find ways to connect with the rest of the world, not just through social media. It’s challenging. 

What is your best piece of advice for a mom boss who is just starting out her journey?

Tara: Don’t get wrapped up in necessarily balancing everything. Just put the right amount of attention in the areas that are the most important to you. It doesn’t have to be everywhere. One day it may be just one thing. Another day two things. It doesn’t have to be a long list. And be okay with that. 

Arianne: It can be exhausting because you don’t want to walk away from being a mom. One thing that helped us is having our children involved to some degree. Having them seeing what we are doing, and knowing that we are doing it out of passion, that we are doing it for a better future for them. Just things like that I think have really helped to get out children more involved and not feel left out when our time is being taken away.

To learn more about Earth’s Farmacy and buy their products, visit  www.earths-farmacy.com .

Watch our full interview with Earth’s Farmacy Tara and Arianne here.



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