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6 Tidy Tasks to Kickstart Your Fall and the School Year

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If you’ve spent any time browsing the Internet you’ve probably come across of host of posts about everybody’s amazing home “COVID projects.” From bathroom and kitchen renovations to decluttering sessions and organizing, people are doing it all, leaving the rest of us feeling a little “less than.” We’re all just trying to juggle our new normal — homeschooling, cleaning up the hourly messes the kids have made, and trying to find the time to tackle the work we’ve got piling up. And then we have to feed those kids, too?

Whether your kids are remote once again, hybrid, or fully in-person for school or not old enough to go at all this fall, being a little more organized can help boost mood, productivity, reduce stress, and improve focus for both you and your kids. But any type of home project can be daunting.

Leanna Pegorari from Leanna Pegorari Organizing has a few quick and easy tips for you to try that are sure to leave you feeling organized, uncluttered, and just like one of the Instagram moms (who’s “real-life” looks a lot like ours).

1. Check expiration dates in your pantry and refrigerator — This will also help you to take inventory and see what you need and don’t need.

  • Petrified Spices? Expired Sour cream? Toss out all expired old items.

2. File Fold your clothes — Say goodbye to digging for what you need!

  • Get yourself some drawer dividers like these.
  • File fold your clothes by folding like you normally would but add one extra fold to make it into a square.
  • Insert upright like a file.

3. Organize your games — If you’ve been playing more games with your family lately, revamp them, by switching boxes out for zippered pouches like these .

  • Include all game pieces and instructions in the pouch.
  • Label it.
  • Put all the pouches in a bin or lined on the shelf and voilà!

4. Organize your glassware

  • Edit your glasses and/or mugs.
  • Donate what you don’t use.
  • Group and place on shelves by type.
  • And done!

5. Declutter your papers 

  • Separate your mail and papers into 3 categories: Recycle, To-Do, File.
  • Now deal with all three piles.
  • Managing long-term file holders and document boxes are recommended to prevent a pile-up.

5. Tackle the home office, homeschool or homework area

  • Set up a designated workspace for each child and/or yourself.
  • Keep your supplies in one area that is close to your kids’ schoolwork area.
  • Separate school supplies by category and label them, so they’re easy to find.

Leanna Pegorari is a professional organizer and a Berkshire County transplant originally from Westchester County, New York. She has a penchant for stripes and a coffee obsession. She is also a certified special education teacher and a full-time mom. “Both of those roles continue to teach her the value of keeping the spaces in my life organized so that I can be free from the clutter that causes me stress.”  Find more of Leanna’s organization inspiration on Instagram and at leannapegorariorganizing.com. If you’d like Leanna to help you reign in the chaos so that you can be free from all of your “stuff” so that you can enjoy the people who are part of your life contact her HERE. Leanna was also featured in the August’s Polkadots Box with her Closet Organization and Labels. These are tools she created to make our morning routine easier and set the stage for a more organized and productive day.



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