March 2021

The birds are out, the flowers are blooming, and days are getting longer. Ah springtime! For many of us ’tis the season to give our home a good deep clean – a feel-good task that can help us declutter, give us a sense of accomplishment and make us more productive. 

The reality is: our home isn’t the only thing in need of a spring scrub-down. 

Beautifully and thoughtfully curated, March’s Polkadots Box features everything needed to give other parts of your life some TLC. 

Peace, Love, and Polkadots,

Discover the products inside this box 

Clay Detox Soap-  Moon Rivers Naturals 

Let’s enjoy a mild detox with this Moon Rivers Naturals’ soap, created by mom boss Stefanie McNeely and her husband Stephen. Clays draw toxins and metals out of the body, leaving us rejuvenated and cleansed. 

Wellness Detox – T Salon 

Dubbed a “Tea Guru” by The New York Times, T Salon’s founder, mom, and grandmother Miriam Novalle brings to us this blended herbal tea. A spicy detoxifying formula that reduces toxin build-up, reduces inflammation, soothes pain, and helps regulate blood pressure. 

Cloth Mask Spray-  Mama Life Oils 

Handmade by mom boss and Mama Life Oils founder Jessica Petit, this blend of essential oils refreshes our fabric mask to keep it smelling good for long wearings. When we need a mid-day refresh, we remove our mask and give it a spritz to get fresh.

Spicy Cayenne with Cinnamon Bar – Elements Truffles

Cayenne pepper joins forces with Cinnamon creating a real “wake me up” piece of chocolate. Made by Alak Vasa and her husband Kushal Choksi, this bar is for anyone looking for a pick me up during the middle of the day. 

Scarf – Printed Village 

Printed Village is a scarf and accessory line powered by a community of designers and museums based around the world. Designed by independent female artists. Jessie and Katey, this lightweight and stylish will be a chic, finishing touch to any outfit. 

Farmer Market Tote Bag – Polkadots Shop 

Spring is a very exciting time to hit the farmers’ market and grab all our fresh produce and food in one place. For our next trip to the market, let’s use this reusable, eco-friendly tote bag, and support local famers. 

“The box is great, but what send it over the top is the handwritten Thank you card!”

Melinda F – mom boss and Polkadots Box subscriber

“I look forward to getting gifts every month that will not only help me personally but also in my business. As a mom giving to everyone else and serving my clients, it’s a nice reminder to take care of me.”

Tatiana C – mom, success coach and Polkadots Box subscriber

Did you miss the March box? Don’t worry, It’s not too late….⁣You can still start thriving on your mom boss journey with us!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a fellow mom boss, Polkadots Box delivers a fabulous combination of well-established and emerging mom-owned brands, that everyone will love. 



Polkadots Box, Creator and Chief Dots Connector

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