OUR MISSION - To help mom bosses balance motherhood and entrepreneurship by giving them guilt-free me-time, products and resources that make them feel motivated, inspired and pampered.


As magical and empowering as motherhood and entrepreneurship are, they can also be a lonely and isolating experience. On one hand, we provide mom bosses with unique and useful products in every Polkadots Box. On the other hand, we are driven to support mom-owned businesses by helping them reach new clients. All this while we create a trusted resource and community for mompreneurs to turn to for support, advice and connection.

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Polkadots Box’ motto is “Stay true to how we feel” – We genuinely feel excited and inspired by every product in the box. We hope you will feel like that too.


We strive to create and encourage a community of mom bosses which inspire, support and lift each other’s up.


We test every product and ask ourselves “Would we use this product ourselves?” If the answer is yes, then it is a good fit.


We're committed to bring value to mom bosses with the quality of the products and the positive emotions we provide.

A Note From The Founder

If you are a mom who is raising a family while building a business, we already have a lot in common. Raised in Italy and based in the US, I am Francesca, the multicultural mom of two and a grateful wife, as well as Polkadots’ Founder and Chief Dots Connector. For over 15 years I have helped companies of all sizes – from multinational organizations to solopreneurs, and everything in between – create brands people know, trust and love. Becoming a mom gave me new challenges, a different perspective, and a new identity. Inspired by motherhood, I wanted to find a bond between my family and my work. Being an extroverted introvert, I wanted to create a brand that let me use my skills, leverage my passions and make me feel personally connected to my audience.
Peace, Love and Polkadots,
The idea of Polkadots discovery box came to Francesca after she registered her son for a local book club for 3 years old kids. For a year he received a book every month, delivered to their home. As a mom, she loved watching his excitement for the surprise in the mailbox. Who doesn’t enjoy opening up a present? It was a lightbulb moment. She wanted to give the same excitement she saw in her son’s eyes to all the mom bosses out there, who are loving, giving, and nurturing to their families and businesses, and who can’t find the time or energy to be like that with themselves too.

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